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Antarctic and the whack

29 May 2016

The K/T boundary event (asteroid or comet whack) had a definite impact on the Antarctic according to http://phys.org/print383473445.html. Research published in Nature Communications (May 2016) analysed 6000 marine fossils that lived between 69 and 65 million years ago (the end of the Cretaceous). These were examined by scientists from the University of Leeds and the British Antarctic Survey on Seymour Island in the West Antarctic peninsular. The collection included snails and clams as well as marine reptiles. It seems there was a dramatic reduction in the species coinciding with the K/T boundary event. James Witt, one of the scientists, said our research show that one day everything was fine – and the next, it wasn't. Clearly, a very sudden and catastrophic event had occurred on Earth.

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