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More on K/T in Antarctic

5 June 2016

At http://phys.org/print384080684.html … we learn that during the Cretaceous period Antarctica was covered in rainforest and probably looked something like a virgin New Zealand environment, or some parts of modern South America. It goes on to say that Antarctica was still at the South Pole and there were not ice sheets at the poles as the Cretaceous was a very warm period – due to runaway global warming (according to mainstream geology). Obviously, this was not human induced global warming but the claim is that the climate of the earth was so warm the ice sheets had melted. It is a matter of faith but often stated that the climate in the dinosaur age was warm (if not very hot). This is another problem confronting uniformitarianism as how do you get rainforest growing in an environment where it is daylight for six months and darkness for the other six months. The same situation can be seen at the North Pole – boreal forest on Ellesmere Island and a climate in southern Britain that has been compared with modern Florida. Now, in the Wegener theory of continental drift this could be explained – but its derivative, Plate Tectonics, doesn't seem to.

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