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Lost river

16 June 2016

At http://phys.org/print385104508.html … the fasted flowing of the glaciers on Greenland is actually situated on a lost river – in fact a huge river basin 12km wide and as deep as 1400m in places (all hidden under the ice). The river was in existence prior to glaciation.

At http://phys.org/print385106365.html … giant sink holes in Texas – are growing.

     The area is heavily populated with oil and gas production installations, pipelines, and two towns. It is thought fres water has percolated down through the geology and has reached a large deposit of salt

  The sink holes were originally caused by oil and gas extraction between 1926 and 1964 but the ground is unstable now as a result of changing groundwater levels as well as dissolving minerals (such as the salt).

At http://phy.org/print385213643.html … a team from the University of Bristol have been recording what lived in the tropical seas that existed around the British Isles during the dinosaur era. The study is published in the Proceedings of the Geologists Association and used 26,000 fossils as a data base.As shark teeth are an easily found and recognisable fossil you will not be surprised that sharks figure prominently. The abstract then adds that just ten million years ago (long after the dinosaur era) there was a remarkable sea level rise. Might be worth exploring further – or getting hold of the full article.

At http://phys.org/print385123698.html … an unknown alien rock found in a Swedish quarry is a fragment of an ancient meteorite. It contains a rich concentration of iridium and isotopes such as those of neon.

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