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24 July 2016
Climate change

We seem to get a lot of people thinking in a lopsided manner nowadays – but it seems climate scientists take the biscuit in this department (or should that be a tin of biscuits or cookie jar). At https://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/07/24/nasa-global-warming-observations-… … the climate scientists seem to be quite blatant now with their tricks and spin and don't even mind letting the sceptics know first hand they are fiddling the books. Why? Because their loyal CAGW activists just don't care – the concept of global warming is just too useful a cause to ditch it even if it is all about millionaires becoming billionaires. Climate scientists are actually saying that data from temperature guages do not agree with their computer simulated models and therefore the data must be adjusted – not the models. One has to wonder if their heads have been put on their shoulders the wrong way round.

Some of the comments are interesting. I just looked at the first few – Greg at 12.11 on the 24th is worth browsing.

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