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cooked alive

31 July 2016
Climate change

At http://phys.org/print388854293.html … video surveillance at solar power towers in California have revealed flying animals such as birds and bats and various insect species on the wing, from bees to butterflies, dragonflies and wasps etc are killed by intense heat (cooked in flight and seared to a cinder). It seems Greens are not too concerned with wildlife in spite of what they spout self righteously – and we all know they couldn't give a fig for those knee deep in fuel poverty. They are quite prepared to tolerate animals dying as a result of Green energy systems from wind parks to solar panels in the desert and now to these solar towers in trendy California. The reason is that they perceive Green as somewhat holy and saintly (steeped in virtue). Of course if animals were being killed by nasty non-Green people they would be having a fit, jumping up and down and screaming blue murder on social media. We live in strange times.

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