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oceanic crust

18 August 2016

Most oceanic crust is thought to be no more than 200 million years of age. This is necessary if Plate Tectonics is a reality, the idea being that oceanic crust is continually being subducted under newly created sea floors. The idea of course assumes the planet has always been the same size as it is now in spite of the universe expanding and gas planets expanding and all kinds of other things in the universe expanding. The idea came about initially after the discovery of magnetic stripes on the floor of the Atlantic and in new research (see http://phys.org/print390474048.html) the same process has been used in the eastern Mediterranean sea – but here the crust has been found that is 340 million years old (almost twice as old as Plate Tectonics would allow). One has to wonder how much old crust is out there – as very little has been effectively dated. We can expect the discovery to be either overturned by different geologists or it will be accepted as an anomaly which doesn't apply anywhere else in the world. Either way it will be airbrushed into the box marked don't look it might bite you. The paper is published in Nature Geoscience (August 2016)


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