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Origins of Astrology

20 August 2016
Inside science

Jovan Kesic forwarded this link, www.kepler.edu/home/index.php/articles/history-of-astrology/item/324-ori… … is an interesting post on a subject usually brushed aside as pseudo science and not given a second glance. Here the author contends this is not an approach a serious researcher into ancient religions and beliefs should follow as he insists Greek astrology of the late first millennium BC absorbed a considerable amount of astrological thinking from the ancient Egyptians. The fact that the aveage Egyptologist is ignorant of what astrology is or was means he is not in a position to make comments on Egyptian religious belief that is seeped in the idea. The author also criticises Otto Neugebauer, possibly the only source a clever Egyptologist might look at, as getting it wrong in some very important places. This means Egyptologists can begin their studies with all the wrong ideas bouncing around inside their heads.

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