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Plate Tectonics Mars

22 August 2016

Yes, plate tectonics on Mars – you heard that right (go to http://newsroom.ucla.edu/releases/ucla-scientist-discovers-plate-237303…. … (alternatively, www.space.com/17087-mars-surface-marsquakes-plate-tectonics.html) …  An Yin, a UCLA scientist, claims rudimentary Plate Tectonics occurs – just below the surface. Basically, he has studied satellite images beamed back from Mars and has decided certain features look like a fault system, somewhat similar to what he has seen for himself on the Earth in the Himalayas and Tibet. This area is thought to be a region where 7 plates meet each other but he is not  saying that is the situation on Mars. He is also looking at the Valles Marineris, a huge gouge out of the Earth that is reminiscent of the Grand Canyon but on a much larger scale.  At www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2016/08/15/broken-plates/ … the reference is to this same feature on Mars (and quote the above research). In effect, the EU author disagrees with An YIn and like the Grand Canyon he prefers to see it as carved out by a plasma discharge. The argument is based on EU theory but An Yin claims to have seen similar geology in the Himalayas. Who is right?

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