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Mars and Water channels

27 August 2016

Mars and water channels as highlighted in a post this week prompted William Thompson to point out that Donald Patten predicted something like this decades ago. Patten's books are freely available on the Internet – and can be purchased second hand at a snip. Surprisingly, he anticipated a number of facts that have since emerged via the space age – and water on Mars was one such thing. In Velikovskian studies as opposed to 'catastrophist figures of stature' Patten is very much under valued. In Catastrophism circles he is more widely regarded as he had a mainstream job with a mainstream company at the forefront of space research. One cannot be a true catastrophist if you have not read any of Patten's books. One should not cloud their judgement because Creationists have latched on to some of his research –  that is by the by. It's the same as ignoring science that the Liberal Left might latch on to – and that would be a clear case of bias would it not. Reality is what we all strive for – or we should strive for to be more apt. Whether the geology of Mars really does provide evidence of water on the red planet is something quite different – there is a lot of wishful thinking going on here. At the moment the channels do really look like water movement – but does that mean water was flowing on Mars similar to the way it does on Earth or does it merely show that during extreme moments water may gush out of the innards of Mars and carve out such features ? The catastrophist bit is what caused the water to gush forth.

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