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The standard model of the sun

10 September 2016

Excellent youtube video available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlpFaLgAbps&feature=youtu.be … by Bishop Nicholas Sykes, a member of SIS (for many years). It concerns the standard model of the Sun and why it does not conform with observational data. Basically, what he is saying is the idea the Sun has a nuclear core that creates the heat to power the star is contradicted by the heat at the surface of the Sun etc. This is standard Electric Universe fare but with a difference. Sykes looks at how the idea of a nuclear core came about (by theory) and emphasizes that the model was never subject to any kind of experimental confirmation. There was a reason for that I suppose – one might be that Einstein and Eddington lived long before we knew too much about nuclear energy. I don't suppose a solar scientist would agree with Sykes so replies would be useful in this context – via the contact email address.

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