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Sea Levels

14 September 2016
Climate change

It seems that even Yahoo (csn) news have picked up on the German sceptic blog No Tricks Zone as we are now told Kenneth Richard posted an essay there that quotes four recent journal articles that show sea levels have risen very little in recent years and show no sign of picking up at all. Go to www.yahoo.com/news/m/dda283dc-59da-3613-b879-8c0ca8449014/ss_four-studie… … and the original post at http://notrickszone.com/2016/09/01/new-papers-confirm-sea-levels-arent-r…

Monitoring sea levels globally, as a result of CAGW scaremongering, is now at a historical high. There appears to be no limits to the amount of taxpayers money thrown at every doom saying the environs can dream up – why? Those that spend their lives on the taxpayers wallet see no problem and obviously see nothing wrong with flinging even more of the jingly stuff at what can easily be proved to be an over hyped problem. The big question now is – when will the politicos stop reciting the sea level mantra? The answer is –  when they don't want to keep raiding your back pocket (which will be never).

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