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missing crust

7 October 2016

At www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3824268/Mystery-missing-Earth-cr… … (link provided by Gary Gilligan), an interesting article that can also be found at http://phys.org/print394869722.html … in which University of Chicago geoscientists have concluded that half the original mass of India and a large portion of Euroasia must have disappeared into the earth's interior before the two continents began their slow motion collision 60 million years ago that led to the uplift of the Himalayas. This is of course subduction on a grand scale – which means there must be some kind of problem with the orthodox explanation. 

  Half the mass of India disappeared they say and an equal amount of Asia (behind India) according to the study in Nature Geoscience (July 19th 2016). It seems the university has just released a press release on the paper which is why it is a bit late being picked up by news outlets. The comments at the bottom of the Mail piece appear to jump to conclusions without reading and absorbing what is actually being said – but short span attention seems to be the culprit here. The Himalayas, according to mainstream, are thought to have formed as a result of the collision between the two plates – with India formerly attached to Australia and Antarctica. The missing chunks of crust are said to have been forced down into the Mantle, some of which has been regurgitated at a later date. It was thought, until this study, that it was impossible for subduction to take place on such a large scale, as in Plate Tectonics theory one plate is driven under the other and the other plate is raised up to form a crumpled mass (mountains and hills). The problem that taxed the minds of the geoscientists was that light crust (northern India) was thought to crumple rather than subduct – which had to be explained somehow. So, we can expect a response from mainstream on this issue – will they accept the thesis or not.

However, having said that it should be remembered that geologists thinking outside the box have different ideas regarding mountain formation – and some even deny India was ever detached from Asia.


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