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28 October 2016
Climate change

The cows farting story is still popular amongst the Green Blob (as absurd as it sounds to most everyone else). At https://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/10/26/methane-madness-the-battle-for-ou… … (which is written by a guest blogger from the Antipodes). The gist of the post is that productivity  (the amount of food produced) and the health of farms and their livestock are under threat from CAGW legislation and alarmist scare mongering. A wedge of environmentalists, driven by their own vegetarian obsessions, is demonising the age old practise of raising sheep and cattle for the market. The authors of the report the post is centred on hail from Australia and New Zealand (where the raising of animals is big business and a major export market that benefits not only burger munchers but vegetarians too, as it goes a long way to provide them with the means to live in the way they are accustomed too, hanging out with their iphones and social media platforms). Without meat for export, or coal, the standard of living in the antipodes would be less than the comfortable and rather wealthy way it is nowadays. Another strange thing is that miners and outback farmers are used to roughing it and could soak up a bit of hardship without crying into their diet cokes – whereas the city dwellers are less adapted to that and yet they are the ones doing the howling. The paradox is caused by the incessant barrage of propaganda pushed out by the Green Blob (who are busy stuffing themselves silly with all the money they are accumulating in the heart of the scam). Most people are completely fed up with listening to the Green Blob's agenda and naturally switch off (yet the echo chamber continues in the background with study after study telling us doom is about to descend on the western world as a result of our sins over industrialisation). The end of the world is nigh is not a message that most people want to know about (especially when they are aware the politicos are happy to pay it lip service in order to accrue bigger tax revenues). It didn't work with the Salvation Army and the Hell and Damnation preachers – why should it work with the demonisation of vital gases such as co2 and methane.

The Green Blob message is being played in the antipodes to an extraordinary level of over indulgence. These people are wallowing in as much muck as the heaps of manure they complain about. Their case  rests on the idea that bodily emissions from farm animals will cause disastrous global warming. Another recent paper has said that laying manure on the ground is not beneficial to human existence as it creates nitrogen run off and various other poorly thought out hysterical rantings. Ruminants cannot make long term changes in the atmospheric mix. It is impossible. Methane is dissipated too quickly. Take a look at the Pleistocene era (when earth experienced a series of Ice Ages). Huge herds of ruminants roamed the world but global warming was never a problem. In North America great herds of bison were replaced by domesticated cattle – and nothing much changed. In Australia one well known environmentalist with his head screwed on backwards claims farmers should switch from cattle to kangaroos – completely oblivious of the fact kangaroos are also ruminants (and let off methane as a result of their digestive system). It's a whacky world we live in – and the Greens are making some of the whacky people out there look quite normal in comparison. Is it all down to whacky baccy?

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