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oh my, disaster beckons …

11 December 2016
Climate change

At www.scientificamerican.com/article/earth-s-co2-passes-the-400-ppm-thresh… … we have a CAGW piece of alarmism. It seems co2 may have passed 400 ppm permanently (but we don't really know). So what. Temperatures are not accelerating – they are fairly static. Temperature rise is stuck in the noise – not doing much at all. That is if we ignore the El Nino (like CAGW ignores La Nina as a natural process). One logical take-on from this might be that co2 is greatly exaggerated – as far as warming the world. If it's at 400ppm permanently might that not contradict the whole alarmist scenario? After all, heat is escaping at the poles and melting Arctic ice as the El Nino dissipates out into space. The earth system appears to be designed to cast off excess heat – like a dog casts off its winter coat when the temperature changes. People were saying this years ago – drowned by the loud noise of the climate lobby. Needless to say the article in Scientific American was not an in-house piece of proselytisation but came from Climate Central – hony horn blaring loud with bright red buttons.

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