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Dead Fish and Green Energy

16 January 2017
Climate change

   At www.thegwpf.com/green-energy-plant-blamed-after-1000-fish die-at-one-of-britains-best-loved-salmon-and-trout-streams/ … fish along an 8 mile stretch of the River Teifi in western Wales have died as a result of a green power plant. An estimated 1000 trout and salmon lie belly up as a result of a spill from an anaerobic digester that converts cow slurry from dairy herds into methane. The farmers are being blamed rather than the Green Blob but the fact remains that green energy is just as poisonous as normal energy plants when it gets down to the nitty gritty, poor safety standards. The latter is what environmentalists should focus on – perhaps. Apparently, there have been 12 serious pollution incidents in the last couple of years – brush under the green pile.

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