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Frenzied eating habit

7 February 2017

The black hole feeding frenzy theory is back, hot on the press at https://phys.org/print405603958.html … and not only that the feeding frenzy is breaking records. This meal has been going on for nearly ten years – and the x-rays have yet to dim. It is imagined a black hole has trapped a massive star into its gaping mouth and is busy munching away. The star is so big it is taking a decade to shred it and consume it. It sounds a bit like one of those gob stopper's that you kept sucking as it gradually got smaller and didn't fill up the whole of your mouth. If you worked at it diligently a gob stopper could last a long time before becoming just a blob on the end of your tongue. It seems the big boys have been peering at this proposed black hole, such as NASAs Chandra X-ray Observatory, the Swift Satellite and ESAs XMM. What they say they have found is evidence of a 'massive tidal disruption event' (their words) and it seems flares have been emanating from the black hole over a long period. This is in contrast to other proposed black holes where a short burst of an x-ray flare is said to be evidence of their existence. Based on modelling the long lived x-ray flare should shortly start to diminish in intensity and brightness. It must have indigestion if it has taken ten years to eat one star. Seriously, making fun of the language used in the press release does not mean they have not found a black hole – but if a momentary super flare is supposed to mark a black hole why has this one survived in full ingestion mode for ten years? What else might be going on as we can't revert to electric universe theory as they claim such flares mark galactic lightning. That idea doesn't seem to fit the observations either. 

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