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Charles Warren Hunt

11 February 2017

A different perspective on the Channelled Scablands can be found in Charles Warren Hunt, 'Environment of Violence', Polar Publishing of Calgary:1990. CW Hunt is still alive as he has written a letter in the December issue of NCGT journal (go to the link provided by Jovan at www.ncgt.org/newsletter.php ). I've been reading the book over the last week and Jovan, in one of those coincidences, sent in the link above – and there he was, author of a letter to the journal. He even says he is 92 years of age and one of his latest projects (well, a few years back now) was a big core in his part of Canada. It is 2.2 kilometres in depth. The Russians and Germans have drilled deeper but Hunt's core is into the Athabasca Tar Sands. The reason for doing this becomes apparent in another link at  http://archive.fortune.com/magazines/fortune/fortune_archive/2003/02/17/… … as he is of the opinion that oil is not a fossil fuel but originates inside the earth.

At www.searchanddiscovery.com/documents/abstracts/2005research_calgary/abst… – where he explains his version of hydrides and anhydrides – and the role of hydrogen in the early earth.

Another interesting link is at http://articles.latimes.com/1992-10-18/local/me-1196_1_gas-theory         … where a geology professor Lorence Collins is interviewed. He is said to think miles deep underground gases trigger earthquakes, create petroleum, and help to explain how the continents came into existence. The science establishment, as you might guess, did not agree. It emerges he had co-authored a book with Charles Warren Hunt in 1992 (hence, the interview) that does not seem to have been popular. Thomas Gold also thought oil might have an origin in the interior of the earth (back in 1980) so in that respect they were repeating what had already been said by a more celebrated scientist. When it came to gases causing earthquakes the Plate Tectonics people simply said they knew what caused earthquakes and what they propose is garbage. It also emerges the idea of outgassing was bound up with the Expanding Earth hypothesis (and that has never taken off as it's rival, Plate Tectonics, is the consensus paradigm. Gases inside the earth included the components of water – hence the origin of the oceans. Just another couple of guys who thought earth's water had an origin inside the earth. 

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