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12 February 2017

The journal of New Concepts in Global Tectonics continues to publish the kind of earth science other journals do not touch. It's a bit like SIS journals in that respect – although the latter originated as a pro-Velikovsky organ. At www.ncgt.org/newsletter.php (click on the December 2016 issue) we have several articles on earthquakes and earthquake prediction. As such, they radically depart from the mainstream position that earthquakes are all to do with moving plates. These involve acoustic emissions (Giovanni) and high frequency electromagnetic radiation (Levashov). The latter methodology was developed in the Ukraine by mineral explorers looking for gas, oil, uranium, gold,zinc.and even for water. Each apparently has characteristic rotation resonance frequencies  (sounds almost like futuristic dowsing). These can be used to map earthquakes before and after. In addition, planetary scientists from Suspicious Observers group (might be worth a google) are developing prediction methods which involes interplanetary electromagnetic fields combined with Blot's energy transmigration theory (an old favourite at NCGT). 

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