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American Pie

20 February 2017

An American Pie might imply a mixture of fillings. Whilst this is obviously true of the last couple of hundred years, to be sure, it is also true of the earliest humans to reach the Americas according to a new linguistics study – see www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/02/170216133249.htm … linguist anthropologists (a bit of a mouth full) have applied technology (simulation) to the early inhabitants of the Americas – and this has popped out the news that there was a complex pattern  of settlement, contact, and migration over a long period of time. Even similar speakers (or lingos) and even tribal groupings arrived on a number of occasions, we are told. In other words, the idea that the first arrivals were bottled up for years on Beringia may actually have to be modified.  See also http://popular-archaeology.com/issue/winter-2017/article/linguist-s-big-… … which seems a bit twee and politically correct. Stand by for some future adjustments as the methodology sinks in. 

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