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carbonate lake

23 February 2017

At https://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/02/16/vast-lake-of-molten-carbonate-dis… … it seems there are 1.8 million square kilometres of semi molten carbonate, or co2 in new speak, lodged beneath the western mountain chain of N America. This is a tectonically active region so the co2 is theorised to originate from volcanoes and earth movements (possibly even from the process of subduction). One specific location has been research and there may be lots more of the stuff all the way along the western side of N America as it is a tectonically active zone. Climate scientists tend to downgrade volcanic sources of co2 as obviously it is a giant elephant in the room which potentially dwarfs puny human efforts to pump co2 into the atmosphere – and this is the main thrust at the link above. The study was published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters (Feb 13th 2017) and should, if climate scientists were willing to pay attention, challenge how much carbon the earth itself contains. It is theorised by the authors that the carbonate lake, as they call it, came about by one plate overriding another plate (subduction) but equally, if it was the result of catastrophic tectonic activity (unrelated to Plate Tectonics) it may be evidence of massive volcanic outgassing event along a major fault zone.

The Australian geologist Ian Plimer, maligned by climate scientists and environmentalists with little geological training, said that volcanic eruptions release more co2 than human emissions – by far. He was referring to normal scale volcanoes – and volcanoes under water, on the sea floor. Obviously, the climate alarmists were alarmed at this message and he was vilified by the media and all the usual suspects – even though they were not geologists. The evidence had to be hidden – by attacking the messenger. It didn't stop Ian Plimmer's book selling stacks of copies and you can still get it on Amazon and the like. This is classic activist tactics – used by unions as much as environmental lobby groups. The United States EPA (heavily infiltrated by alarmist activists) contradicted Plimer and said his claim had no factual basis. That tells you all you want to know about the EPA hierarchy. The lake of carbonate would appear to show conclusively it was their gobbledegook version of science that had no factual basis (and so on). The comments are too many to read – but you can get a flavour of the anti-EPA songsheet by just reading a few of them. 

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