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iron stones

23 February 2017

Planet Nine is in the news again – see https://phys.org/print406903223.html … where the orbits of two asteroids have been analysed to see if they might explain the hard to find orbit of the lost planet at the edge of the solar system. The two asteroids seem to be binary in nature, two halves of what was once a single object. Hence, it is speculated that Planet Nine may have had something to do with the separation event. Worlds in collision in the solar system.

At https://phys.org/print406897750.html … an altogether less simulated study which poses a big question – the earth's iron composition has no link with the earth's formation it is theorised, and therefore it's core. This calls into question prevailing theories of solar system dynamics. The study is in Nature Communications (Feb 20th 2017) and may open the trap door to a clutch of new theoretical models. One of these involves worlds in collision once again. However, unlike Velikovsky who visualised a close passage of a planet sized body, the new theory has a planet crashing into the earth- and providing a secondary source of the iron in rocks.


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