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Rogue World

16 March 2017

At www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4312926/Mysterious-space-object-… … straight from the horses teeth, the source that Wikipedia refuses to accept as reliable. As they don't accept SIS as a serious society we have more than a little sympathy for the Mail. Their science stories come straight from science papers and university press releases, but that is not what the Wiki gestapo object to. It was a couple of articles by David Rose that fingered the CAGW cheats and claimed there was dodgy goings on. Obviously, they didn't like Joe Public knowing the truth.

This links was provided by Robert. He added that in Worlds in Collision, Part Two Chapter 9, 'The End', Velikovsky wrote, 'Also, some dark star, like Jupiter or Saturn, may be in the path of the Sun, and may be attracted to the system and cause havoc …' In the 1950s the idea of a free floating planet was out of the question. The object was first discovered in 2012 and it was thought it was a rogue planet – an object orbiting the galaxy itself rather than a star. New evidence now indicates it may not be a planet at all but something bigger, a brown dwarf, a hybrid cosmic body that is not quite a star and much bigger than a planet.

   … the object is seen hee captured by the new big telescope in Chile as a small dim blue dot in the centre of the picture.


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