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BBC Climate Change

18 March 2017
Climate change

The Daily Express, a UK newspaper with a beef as far as the BBC are concerned, as the Express supports Brexit and the BBC is still resisting the proposal, has published an article with the title, '£8bn BBC eco bias' – striking parallels between the BBCs rabid coverage of man made global warming/ climate change, and the investments in its pension funds – go to www.express.co.uk/news/uk/156703/8bn-BBC-eco-bias/

This is a subject that surfaced around ten years ago, or maybe a little beyond that, when it was rumoured the pension fund was heavily invested in renewables etc. This died a death after investigation which did not reveal the expected bias towards renewables. However, many hedge funds are heavily invested in renewables and carbon trading so this was an issue that could easily have been hidden (and not disclosed). What has regurgitated the issue and brought it back to life and into public view is the discovery the pension fund is a member of the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change. In fact, the chairman of this organisation is the manager of the BBC pension fund. Bells started ringing. Very loudly.

There are various other members of the institute in the European Union but the BBC is the main member in Britain and the Express smells a rat. It remains to be seen if anything else can be pulled out of the hat but it woud explain their obsession of reporting climate change. It is ignore if the weather is cool or cloudy but once there is a single warm day, and heaven forbid, a prolonged heat wave, they rabbit on about global warming ad nauseum all day long (and more). Complaints are brushed aside by the claim that climate change is an established scientific fact – and we all know climate changes (all the time). Resurrected out of his retirement, the former newsreader Peter Sissons, is quoted by the Express., He wrote a book critical of the BBC  a few years ago so that isn't a surprise, and he duly takes the BBC to task. How much mileage is in this is anyone's guess at the moment as most people are completely switched off by CAGW. Nothing much has been said, even in sceptic circles, so it will probably fade away – as these things tend to. Mainstream media is heavily committed.

PS … it seems this story is a bit stale and was written a few years ago. Never mind – it is as valid today as it was then. Probably more so.

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