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Mars and the K/T

22 March 2017

Gary sent in the link, www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2017/mars-volcano-earths-dinosaurs-went-ext… … the word 'about' is as big as you want to make it – and here may lie an explanation. Mars volcanoes and earth's K/T boundary event occurred at 'about' the same time. However, digging into the article we find the volcanoes were still active until 50 million years ago (and possibly much later than that) where the K/T event and the extinction of the dinosaurs is normally dated to around 65,000 years ago. As the claim is part of the NASA press release one cannot blame www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2017/03/nasa-giant-mars-volcano-and-earths… … which has the same story, almost word for word. The most active period at the volcanic field of Thuris Monte on Mars was approximately 150 million years ago, in the Late Jurassic on Earth. However, the volcano field remained active, especially the super volcano Arsia Mons, until 50 million years. This si not the end of the dinosaur age. They were wiped out 13 to 15 million years earlier. Possibly it is a reference to the End of Palaeocene event – but reading further we learn that modelling came up with a figure between 10 and 90 million years ago (and 50 million was chosen as it was around the middle of that period). Hence, there is no link with the end of the dinosaurs. Apparently.

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