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Sun, Weather and Climate

22 March 2017

The book, 'Sun, Weather, and Climate' (2005) by John R Herman and Richard A Goldberg is a reprint of a book originally published in 1978. It was reprinted on two occasions and published in Russian and Chinese, and seems to have become a classic of its kind, a forerunner of modern climate research. It is of great interest in the study of Earth's climate – hence the need to flag it up again (as I had a post in 2013 on the same book). William provided the link below.

It considers short and long term meteorological variations related to solar activity and the few physical linking mechanisms in order to explain the connection. If you go to www.amazon.com/Sun-Weather-Cliamte-John-Herman/dp/1410221997 … you will find several interesting reviews of the book.

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