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Hillforts in Perthshire

22 April 2017

William sent in the link to https://phys.org/print411984420.html … a digital online source enables interested parties to look at ten hillforts, and archaeological exploration and finds within them, situated in eastern Strathearn in Scotland. The project is the Strathearn Environs and Royal Forteviot (SERF) Project, and has been set up by Glasgow University. The research began as long ago as 2007 – so expect a bit of information. The excavation report has not been published as yet but the app can be downloaded to keep you abreast of what is going on now. Go to www.seriousanimation.com/hillforts/ … and for info www.gla.ac.uk/schools/humanities/research/archaeologyresearch/projects/s…


Meanwhile, at http://www.popular-archaeology.com/issue/spring-2017/article/origins-of-… … which ends with a question mark – is this the final say on the subject. It reports on an Australian study which has found the Hobbits (found on the island of Flores back in 2003) show no sign of descent from Homo Erectus. This suggest, they say, that Hobbits are descended from an earlier migration out of Africa. At the moment no such migration is known – but the inference seems to be the Hobbits are related to Homo Habilis (and they may share a common ancestor, as yet unknown). Is this a justified point of View?The Leakey's did a lot of digging and research in the East African Rift Valley, and found the remains of various early humans. Does that necessarily mean all humans, and hominids, originated in Africa? May be that is what the question mark is about.

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