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Otzi Froze

25 April 2017

We already know that Otzi the iceman froze as he was engulfed in an Alpine mountain glacier – but at www.sciencenews.org/article/otzi-iceman-froze-death … tells us that this was the main reason why he died, rather than from an arrow wound in his shoulder. It seemed he probably suffered just minor blood loss from the wound and succumbed to exposure. Freezing was the main cause of death.

A new analysis on his body, using x-rays and CT scans, argue against the arrow wound being fatal. It was a shallow wound. The next question might be – did he die on the same day that global temperatures plummeted dramatically around 3145BC? This date has been re-calibated to around 3300BC via Intcal13, it would seem, moving the goal posts.

Meanwhile, at https://phys.org/print412240852.html … which is about the Cassini Mission and the planet Saturn. There are 62 moons of Saturn, for example, and the largest, Titan, is bigger than the planet Mercury. The one to receive all the excitement in recent weeks is the sixth largest, Enceladus, just 300 miles in diameter. Ionised water plumes gush from regions close to the poles, initially picked up by the Cssine probe. Beneath the crust of Enceladus lies liquid salt water and organic molecules, heated by hydrothermal vents, it is thought, on the sea floor.

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