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Rings Around …

29 April 2017

In 2014 two rings, separated by a gap, were discovered around Chariklo, the largest known of the Centaur objects orbiting between Jupiter and Neptune. It is hundred of kilometers across and its rings are as opaque as those around Saturn and Uranus. Japanese researchers have modelled the two rings around Chariklo and concluded the inner ring, at least, should be unstable – without help to keep it afloat. The fact the rings are in existence suggests small particles – but another possibility is they remain as a result of a shepherd satellite (a big object amongst the particles). Such an object, or moonlet, would push the particles ahead of itself, rather than dispersing them. The article is published in The ASstrophysical Journal (2017) – but what other influences might apply and not being said or integrated into the model. Go to https://phys.org/print412530475.html

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