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Indian Holes

14 May 2017

At https://malagabay.wordpress.com/2017/05/01/indian-impacts-the-hole-story/ … is Tim Cullen at his irreverent best giving settled science a blast of cynical cold air. He regularly takes the Michael out of any consensus theory but this one bites the biscuit and manages to encompass the electric universe and Velikovsky in one well aimed missile. Basically, he is sceptical of the mainstream approach to craters and impacts. Are they fearful of an impact as recent as 2000BC. One has to wonder why they are so reticent on the subject – but these things are not exact science and open to a lot of conflicting points of view. However, not upsetting the uniformitarian applecart is definitely one reason for reticence. 

There are four interesting impact sites in India, the one dated to around 2000bc, another at 13,000BC (or alternately at 40,000 years ago), and two others of imprecise date – but fairly recent. He says on page 15 of 16, 'basically the hole story from India is that shock metamorphic features aren't just created by impactors because there are other electrifying mechanisms …' such as a plasma tail encounter with a comet. Very astute. Something Thunderbolts might want to ponder. Then, he says, 'the transit of Venus in 912CF also suggests 912CE was a very powerful alignment and that a Comet Halley-Venus-Earth alignment could have emulated the conditions associated with Velikovsky.s comet Venus ….'.

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