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Phil Silvia

24 July 2017

At https://cometresearchgroup.org/blog/ … we learn that Phil Silvia, along with Younder Dryas scientists Malcolm Le Compte, have collated field data from Tall al-Hammam, the proposed site of Biblical Sodom (destroyed by fire and brimstone by an avenging angel). The hypothesis is that it was an airburst event – a meteor exploding low in the atmosphere above the Kikkar Plain on the northern side of the Dead Sea. The site is opposed by other archaeologists who prefer a location at the southern end of the Dead Sea, or either side, but not on the northern side which was heavily populated during the Early and Middle Bronze periods. It does in fact run counter to revisionist chronology as Hammam was clearly incinerated late in the MB sequence.


Videos and photgraphs have also been published on the Comet Research Group Facebook page. Perhaps SIS should think in terms of its own Facebook presence – in order to bring controversial subjects to the attention of the general public, linking to other Facebook sites such as that of Comet Research Group.

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