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Modelling Climate

11 August 2017
Climate change

At https://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/08/11/when-the-model-models-itself/ … is an interesting read. A climate scientist on falsifiability (or the lack of it in climate science) said, climate models are carefully developed and evaluated based on their ability to accurately reproduce observed climate trends. This is why climatologists have confidence in them as scientific tools, not because of ideas around falsifiability …

The author of the post, a guest, then says, computer models are a solid incarnation of the beliefs, theories, and assumptions of the programmer. He then quotes Jamal Munshi from a recent paper, ' … the use of climate models interferes with the validity of the empirical test because models are an expression of theory and their use compromises the independence of the empirical test of theory from the theory itself'. In other words, the models are an expression of the belief in the theory that co2 causes warming. If co2 does not cause warming the models are worse than useless.

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