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Electric Earthquakes

23 September 2017

At https://watchers.news/2015/06/09/cosmic-solar-radiation-as-the-cause-of-… … this article is a couple of years old but interesting in respect of the recent Mexico earthquakes as we are in solar minimum. The author claims fluctuations in cosmic solar radiations are changing the ionosphere and that result in anomalies of a geomagnetic nature that cause the generation of eddy currents (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddy_currents ). The eddy currents heat the rocks in the faults and affects sheer resistance and static friction which triggers earthquakes and volcanoes. During solar minimum high energy solar radiation can penetrate to a very deep distance below the surface of the Earth. The stress on the magnetosphere during solar minimum is higher because the heliosphere is weaker and more high energy charged particles can penetrate the solar system. Later, he says, all earthquakes and volcanoes, big or small, are triggered by solar induced pressure on Earth's magnetic field. This is the nub of his theory – pressure exerted on the magnetosphere. Strong coronal mass ejection flares, or CMEs, directed at the Earth exert pressures that deform and shrink the magnetosphere by as much as  4 earth radius (4Re). As a result the pressure is able to affect or impact layers of the Earth below its surface in different ways. In some regions it results in earthquakes and in others in volcanoes. He then says that magnetic radiation from Magnetars (magnetic stars, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetar) close to the galaxy core (the Milky Way) can also trigger earthquakes as the energy and radiation can easily penetrate our magnetosphere, especially during solar minimum. Such an energetic event would increase the flux of high energy particles striking the ionosphere by several orders of magnitude. He even says the 2004 earthquake in Indonesia was ten times stronger than any other earthquake in the past 25 years – as a result of cosmic radiation rather than solar radiation. Is he right?

See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earthlight … which is the next subject he brings into the discussion, even going so far as to say earthquake lights could be used to predict seismic activity. He claims our planet is linked in to the solar system – and what goes on in our galaxy. The idea we are isolated from cosmic goings on is out of date. We live in a unified universe. A strong gamma ray burst from the dense regions of our galaxy can affect the entire solar system.

The author is one Jamal Shrair and lives and works in Budapest. See www.helical-universe.info

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