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Sacred Kings

12 October 2017
Ancient history

Gary also sent in this link to an article in Aeon – go to https://aeon.co/essays/the-sacred-monarchies-that-survive-into-the-postm… … which he thought might be a throwback to his God King scenario. The idea of sacred kings is very old – but s till in practise according to Alan Strathern, in Thailand for example. It's an interesting read and sums up the concept of the Divinity of the King (and Queen) as intermediaries between the human world and the world of the gods (in the heavens). Sacred kings therefore have god like attributes – and god like authority. Charles I didn't fare too well when he tried to reintroduce the idea back into Britain (and lost his head in the process). In Thailand, and to an extent in Japan, the concept survived into recent times. The whole idea of the Divinity of the King is a fascinating subject, a throwback indeed, to the era when gods and men were interchangeable – and either further back in time when gods ruled the roost (with periodic visits into the world of everyday humans). That is the nature of catastrophism. It's an important cog in the wheel of catastrophic events in the past, whether it is the Dagda being plied with bribes of tubs of porridge and butter, or sacrifices on altars such as performed by the Aztecs and Inca. It is of course all part of Velikovsky's vision of the past – catastrophic events that moulded the course of religion and myth. The king and queen hold a unique place in the historyof people from China to Africa, from Egypt to central Asia, and from SE Asia to Europe and the Americas. Well  worth reading.

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