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Greenland Ice Stream

20 October 2017

Another article in October's Nature Commmunications – it is discussed at https://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/10/19/greenland-glacier-retreated-durin… …. It seems that an ice stream, more properly a glacier, retreated during the Younger Dryas episode. This is somewhat peculiar as we are led to believe the Younger Dryas was a return to Ice Age conditions (in Scotland for example) but clearly this could not be so if a glacier on Greenland retreated. The Younger Dryas is said to have kicked in suddenly and prevailed for something like 1300 years – a very long time. It was clearly very cold in the initial stages – but did the intensity of that cold persist for over a thousand years? One would have thought temperatures would have been warmer than today in order for a glacier to retreat so far north but don't worry, mainstream has the solution – even if it was extremely cold there was a source of warmth in the water, so to speak. In this instance, not the icy water on the continent itself, the source of the glacier, but warm ocean water lapping at the ice sheet edge. Rather than look at the Younger Dryas as a variable phase of climate the ocean circulation system is being used to try and bury what is an anomaly to the mainstream song sheet.

However, to get a more nuanced idea of glacial advance and retreat during the Younger Dryas go to http://eprints.gla.ac.uk/111461/7/111461.pdf … and bear in mind the above is derived from a press release where the emphasis is on the retreat and not the situation over the whole span of the Younger Dryas. Reading the actual article should be considered an option, rather than what the university press officer has to say.

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