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Round Up

25 October 2017
Climate change

In this instance, not a round up of animals but the commercial brand of a weedkiller that you will find on the shelves of your local garden centre. The Risk Monger has been fighting a lonely battle against environmentalist activists but now has a new ally it would seem – go to www.bishop-hill.net/blog/2017/10/21/who-science-not-the-iarc-josh-391.html … which comes with a cartoon. Round Up contains glyphosphate which the Green Blob want to ban – for no especial reason apart from the fact the American manufacturer is Monsanto (with all the demonisation that comes with that name). Round Up is used by farmers, market gardeners, horticulturists and ordinary run of the mill gardeners. Most allotment cultivators tend to be organic and do not use any kind of pesticide and rely on other means to get rid of pests and weeds – but I have noticed that one chap grows massive cabbage and cauliflowers and he uses Round Up in the spring planting season. Likewise, farmers produce food without having to look for creepy crawlies between the brocolli florets or burrowing into your orange carrots. Without Round Up you won't just have wonky carrots but bugs in your soup and stews. It's an interesting and long running story and revolves around the influence of the Green Blob on EU agricultural regulations. It seems the EU is on the verge of banning the use of glyphosphate – is that a good thing or a bad thing? You can make up your mind by reading this post and then moving on to a scientist that used to work for the EU – at https://risk-monger.com/2017/10/24/glyphosate-in-the-age-of-stupid/

The World Health Organisation (WHO) caner agency dismissed and edited findings from a review it later published because those findings contradicted the idea glyphosphate was carcinogenic. In other words, research found no link between cancer and glyphosphate but WHO was having none of it. The organisation simply deleted contrary research from their report – and this is a United Nations organisation (albeit one dominated by activists and your average corrupt official from the Third World). This organisation is paid for out of the taxpayers of the world, the people that want food to eat and farmers to grow decent food. This is also the organisation that chose to elect Robert Mugabe as a travelling ambassador on health issues, the chap who has his medics done in Singapore as he has trashed the health services in his own country. He has since been removed – but the fact they even considered a 90 year old man as a roving ambassador giving speeches on health and food safety just about says it all. The same thing happened when Saudi Arabia was elected as spokesperson on female affairs. That did not raise the political temperature over here but Saudi is a hot potato that politicos steer clear from. Mugabe was not. It would have been quite amusing reading pontifications from him in the press – what would they have made of it all?

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