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Earth Breathes

23 November 2017
Climate change

At www.space.com/38844-nasa-satellites-track-breathing-earth.html … we have a 5 minute NASA video plus a couple of pages of text – sent in by Robert. He pointed out how the snow/ice cover alternated between northern and southern hemispheres, a fact which has allowed CAGW people to dishonestly and constantly claim the ice caps are melting. In reality, in one of the hemispheres, the ice is melting – at the same time it is growing in the opposite hemisphere.

For 20 years NASA satellites have monitored Earth from space, trending the pulse of life in seasonal patterns as they move around the planet. Sea lice grows and shrinks but vegetation also blooms in springs and declines as winter draws night, and plankton blooms and declines in the oceans. NASA have created a time lapse video of this and Earth appears to breathe – in and out.

The subject is also featured at https://crev.info/2017/11/earth-living-breathing-planet-unique/ .. (also sent in by Robert) which is the creationist angle on the same story. They also mention wind and ocean currents as part of the pattern. They also say the video does not contradict intelligent design. There is also no mention of humans and climate change. That has got to be a plus for a start.

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