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Daffy Duck

13 December 2017

Robert sent in the link https://crev.info/2017/12/is-this-duck-a-dinosaur/ … a dinosaur that looks like a duck …

   a bird like dinosaur fossil from Mongolia – but is it genuine? It has a long neck, amphibian flippers, and some nasty looking claws to jab and stab prey. It could walk like a daffy duck, but swim like a penguin. Is it a fake? Well, it was discovered a long time ago and has been hidden away from the general public. Why? What have they got to hide?Scientists, it seems wee unsure what to make of it and hid it away, not wishing to end up with a fake fossil on their hand. Its fate has suddenly changed – brought out into the sunshine. The gist of the article is that it might be a fake – and as some parts of it were glued together at some stage one can see why they are dubious. They add that it is opportune that it has made its appearance now when palaeontologists are eager to find a bird cum dinosaur (a missing link).

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