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Roundup Reprieve

30 December 2017
Climate change

Monsanto's Roundup bug killer is very popular with farmers as well as backyard gardeners. It has a recipe laden with glyphosate. As a result of this activists have been lobbying the EPA to ban glyphosate in order to hurt Monsanto. They have never forgiven the company for its role in frankenstein food – modified crops. Risk Monger has been harping on about the activist role in the banning of glyphosate which would seriously impact farmers ability to provide pest free vegetables for the supermarkets – but in the European Union rather than the US. See for example https://risk-monger.com/2017/11/28/glyphosate-what-the-zealots-really-wa… … However, it now seems the activists have been dealt a blow in the US – see https://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/12/27/epa-roundup-not-carcinogenic-msm-… … which is another example of MSM and Fake News. They were willing to spread the activist message far and wide but when genuine science disproves the activist chanting they button up their lips. Who is feeding the media with buckets of loot in order to promote a certain message?

There are in fact a lot of products on the market that contain glyphosate so a ban would not just have hit Monsanto. Glyphosate works from the point of view of a farmer or market gardener which is why it is used. Some allotment holders spray their cabbages and brussels sprouts with Roundup in the spring and that serves to keep their plants clear of pests for the whole season – or so they say. I don't use Roundup myself, as having an allotment is all about growing organically, but the point is that Monsanto is a business – and a relatively small one in the scheme of corporate business with long tentacles. It has become a hate target of the same people that spout CAGW – and therefore I might even think of trying it out myself this coming year. Growing brassicas on an allotment is always a problem as bugs and pests spread from plot to plot – and brassicas have lots of pests, particularly whitefly and caterpillars. Nice to see the butterflies flying around in the summer sunshine but their caterpillars are a problem – and they lay lots of eggs on the underside of brassica leaves, which means lifting them all up in order to squash them by hand. Farmers obviously have ways and means to stop these pests in their tracks – and Roundup appears to be what they use as a defence mechanism. Have the activists thought this out properly one may wonder as they are berating Joe Public to eat no meat but lots of vegetables – and yet they are placing barriers in the way of growing ample vegetables. Green hysteria always seems to be wrong headed – wallowing in the propaganda rather than the consequences (palm oil is one example, which led to the mass destruction of virgin equatorial rainforest in Borneo).

Finally, to round up this post go to https://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/12/28/president-trump-trolls-the-global…

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