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Hoxne Hoard

15 January 2018

See https://smithsonianmag.com/history/search-lost-hammer-led-largest-cache-… … the story of how a lost hammer in a field led to the discovery of the Hoxne Hoard in Suffolk. The farmer went and got hold-of a metal-detector-to search for a hammer that he had lost but found a cache of Roman coins and Roman silver. Why had it been buried? It seems it wasn't during the middle of the 5th century, contemporary with violent A/S warriors determined to do a bit of mischief, but in the early 6th century (although no definite C14 derived date has been determined as no organic material has survived).

At www.dispatch.com/news/20180107/archaeology-artifacts-show-clovis-people-… … the Columbus Dispatch (as reported by Brad Lepper) has an article on the Clovis culture in Ohio. Hundreds of points have been found over the years along the various river valleys and in the lowland zone in general. Now they have been found up in the hills, at what was a small residential camp site in which hunting, game processing, and tool production took place.

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