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Peter Warlow Vindicated

15 January 2018
Climate change

First of all, please note global warming has just got to the Sahara – see https://phys.org/print434971022.html … global warming has just got to the Sahara – for the second year in a row. Global warming is getting everywhere (see satellite image below) …

  However, for a look at some poor published climate science go to https://climateaudit.org/2017/12/18/polar-bears-inadequate-data-and-stat… … but please read the comments as well as this is what this particular blog is all about. The author sets up a challenge and the comments cascade inwards – actual knowledgeable comments (not like your garden variety juvenile comments as the usual are at other blogs). See also https://economicsofclimate.blogspot.co.uk/2017/12/lipstick-on-bear.html … and https://polarbearscience.com/2017/12/18/two-technical-critiques-of-the-h… … by the scientist that created the storm (she came out with data on polar bears that contradicted the CAGW consensus). It obviously hurt. Their response is just what one might expect of a politically focussed scam.

See also https://judithcurry.com/2018/01/03/manufacturing-consensus-the-early-his… … which is the paper that vindicates Peter Warlow as he informed us that John Houghton was responsible for the global warming going viral episode back in the day. He was fingered as largely responsible for an escalation in doom saying that took place here in the UK. Others were of course blameworhy as well – but the tragedy is that Houghton appears to have started out by insisting CAGW was overblown and to a degree, resisted the early attempts to make it a scare story. Obviously, someone got at him – but what did it involve? That we may never know but it must have been a substantial something as he became the reverse of what he had been during the First IPCC Report (when he was chief scientist). Houghton at first fought to bring science into the story but it was not to be. Politicians simply took no notice of what was in the IPCC reports. He then became an enthusiastic alarmist – I wonder why. Was he converted to the globalist cause? Joe Public knows globalism is at the root of the CAGW hysterics. Nothing to do with science. This is why denialist blogs that concentrate on the science have never made a dent in the CAGW meme.


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