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Update on Meteor

22 January 2018

At https://www.space.com/39431-michigan-meteor-explosion-shook-earth.html … we learn that although it was just a few feet across its speed was enough to shake the ground as it exploded above ground. It was an explosion in the atmosphere rather than an earthquake but it registered as a magnitude 2.0 seismic event according to the National Weather Service. Larry Ruff, a seismologist at the University of Michigan, said that in 35 years he had never seen an atmospheric event produce such a strong signature. It was a much smaller object than the meteor that exploded over Chelyabinsk in 2013. Meteors of 1m in size are not uncommon and hit Earth on average every four months. A 10m meteor strikes every four years – and a 100m meteor strike occurs every few thousand years. Although the ground shook, it was not an earthquake.

William sent in the link to https://uk.news.yahoo.com/michigan-meteor-meteorite-hunter-strikes-14105… … a meteorite hunter has found 3 pieces of the Michigan meteor according to the Detroit Free Press (just 2 days after it exploded). The meteor actually disintegrated into lots of smaller pieces as it descended through the atmosphere.


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