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Windy Black Holes

24 January 2018

This story is at https://phys.org/print435824324.html … new research shows evidence of strong winds around black holes – throughout the bright outburst events. This is the point where black holes are thought to be feeding – rapidly gorging on material that has been dragged into their vicinity. This, in turn, is said to show how mass transfers to black holes and how black holes can affect the environment around themselves. The winds are hypothesized to blow away matter the black hole cannot consume. In one model made by the researchers up to 80 per cent of the black hole's meal was blown away – does this contradict the so called power of black holes? However, the paper (Nature, January 2018) also says it is a mystery how these winds might form. Where does the energy come from we might ask. They say they think magnetic fields play a big role. They add, but we'll need a great deal of future investigation.l See www.nature.com/articles/doi:10.1038/nature25159

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