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Global Warming

8 February 2018
Climate change

It's been pretty cold in the US – especially in the NE. Over in the UK we have had some cold spells – nothing out of the ordinary (just normal winter weather). Elsewhere it has been very cold in Russia )again, not unusual), cold in Japan (in comparison with recent years) and monsier president appears to have got a dose of gloabl warming after weeks of saying he is going to combat it – and dip into his wallet (well, the wallet of the French people, that is). However, the creme egg is the Sahara. It had not snowed for 37 years when it snowed in 2016. Since then it has snowed on 4 other occasions – twice this year (and we ain't nowhere near halfway through February). For the low down go to http://notrickszone.com/2018/02/06/bitter-cold-in-every-direction-harsh-…

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