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Growing Black Holes

18 February 2018

Like the five magic beans of Jack the Giant Killer, black holes just keep on growing, threatening to outgrow their galaxies (out performing the production of new stars). For this see https://phys.org/print437928259.html

Meanwhile, at https://wattsupwiththat.com/2018/02/15/scientists-make-first-direct-obse… … scientists make the first direct observation of electrons creating the Northern Lights. The headline may very well be not all it is cracked up to be but the gist of the story is that they now have verifiable and incontrovertible evidence. The study is published in the journal Nature (Feb 2018). The early set of comments are interesting as they include the ruminations of solar physicist Lief Svalgard, replying to other people. He is not at all sympathetic to the EU model – and has said the same on other occasions. It emerges he is convinced, or sounds such, in the fact of magnetic field lines (rather than electrical currents). His argument is that spacecraft do not encounter such obstacles in their journeys around the solar system. He also said at 7.51pm (in reply to somebody enquiring how it might affect climate at the surface, 'the air up there is so thin that here is little or no effect on the much thicker atmosphere lower down …'. He also says in another comment, 'Birkland currents are sheets of current …'.

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