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Negev Rock Art

22 February 2018

Javan sent in the link www.ancient-origins.net/artifacts-ancient-writings/does-negev-s-ancient-… … rock art in the Negev – has it anything to do with the Exodus story? A chain of holy mountains with painted rock art on them has led to Yehuda Rotblum, author of 'Rock Art in Israel', to suggest this region was where the Exodus tribes wandered 40 years in the Wilderness (or something like that). Archaeology does not currently concede there is any evidence of a contingent of refugees living in the desert (towards the latter end of the Bronze Age). Even the location of Mount Sinai is open to dispute. Obviously they haven't been reading Bob Porter's recent articles in SIS Review as he has provided a niche location for them – but not necessarily the right niche location. Rotblum more or less claims the nation of Israel originated in the Negev rather than Out of Egypt. He homes in on the Shasu, or sand dwellers (bedouin) tribes. They apparently worshipped a god by the handle, Yahu (remarkably similar to Yahweh or Jehovah). There were holy mountains for each of the 12 tribes, he continues, such as Mt Arqub, Mt Rahma, Mt Mehia (and so on). The most prevalent word on the rock art is YAH (similar to Yahu). The article does not mention the dates the rock art was made but the inference is that Shasu elements entered Judah from the Negev – at some point in history.

William also sent in a follow up to a News item from last week on soft tissue fossils. It seems Creation Research have been investigating this issue for some time, in the hope of revealing soft tissue material of dinosaurs is recent in date. Obviously, when they say recent they mean thousands of years rather than millions of years, a radically different concept to uniformitarian time scales. The assumption that Biblical schematic numbers are a true reflection of the passage of time is central to this focus of research. Anyone interested in what they have to say go to https://creationresearch.org/idino-investigation-of-dinosaur-intact-natu…

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