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Wince when Saint Rachel is chimed

22 February 2018
Climate change

This phrase is used by Risk Monger in the second of the links below. The first link concerns the use of pesticides and the hullabaloo around the issue. The second link is more general and concerns the environmental movement in general and how politicians appear not to wish to tread on their toes. Squeamish politicos are all to common and in the EU squeamish bureaucrats are all part of the problem – courtesy of lobby groups and the Green Blob. Saint Rachel is a reference to Rachel Carson who wrote a book in the 1960s that racked up the anti-pesticide movement to full throttle. See https://risk-monger.com/2018/02/19/are-pesticides-good-or-bad/ and https://risk-monger.com/2018/02/20/naturopathic-cult-populism/ … the latter also brings in natural remedies to combat illnesses and includes anti vaccine groups as well as natural choices to treat terminal illnesses such as cancer. These provide an alternative when drugs and prescriptions from your doctor do not appear to be achieving their purpose and one should not assume people use homeopathy in the belief it works better than mainstream medicine – it is simply another avenue to explore. I think Risk Monger under estimates people who use natural medicine or garden in an organic way – they are hedging their bets. There isn't a lot of difference between organic fertiliser and Growmore (the branded version produced by a factory) as they achieve the same results. The problem might come if grave robbers grind up human skeletons to produce the organic product – as has occurred, it is reputed. Obviously most bonemeal (which includes hoof and horn material) comes from slaughtered domestic animals (cattle and sheep in the main) and here the organic lobby might eventually have a problem if everyone becomes a vegan and there are not farm animals being eaten for meat. Bonemeal would shoot up in price the more scarce it became and graves might really be robbed of their bones.

Risk Monger is on the ball when he talks about anti-agriculture and anti farming lobby groups, as their import is questionable – but their impact might lead to reduced levels of food production (which means some people in some part of the world will pay the price and starve to death). The BBC environmental and Green lobby were all sanctimonious last week on hearing the news that orang utans were under threat in places such as Borneo. This Indonesian island was almost wholly tropical forest less then 50 years ago. Now it is littered with palm oil plantations to feed Green activist scare mongering against Big Oil. The idea was to produce palm oil and out manoevre the oil industry but all they have managed to do is kill off the wildlife (plants as well as animals) that lived in these lush locations. The orang utan is the poster child as it is big and it is human like in appearance – being an ape. A classic case of environmentalist hypocrisy – and all that is wrong with the Green movement.

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