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Water in Diamonds

12 March 2018

We now have evidence of water in diamonds – as an inclusion. This is said to be a pointer to water rich regions in the Mantle – see https://wattsupwiththat.com/2018/03/10/weird-stuff-type-vii-water-ice-fo… … The study in the journal Science (March 8th 2018). Diamonds from South Africa, China, and Botswana, were used in the study. They are said to have surged up from the innards of the Earth – but later this is described as a theory. The diamonds were formed under intense heat and therefore the assumption of an inner earth origin. Another odd point is that water inside diamonds is a solid – but would have been a liquid prior to being incorporated into the diamond. We are then told they intend to use these findings to create 'new, more accurate, models'.

At https://etherealmatters.org/article/mountains-are-dunes/ … which is a look at mountain features from an electrical universe slant – classified as geology and the electric universe. The theory here is that mountains form like dunes and mountains have geometrical shapes (providing images to that effect), such as ….

    … the geometic shape in question is the triangle. They form, it is theorised, by cosmic waves – at harmonic frequencies ….

   … It is to do with wind we are told. A primordial like wind of supersonic velocity that generates shock waves and an electrical charge. That is why these features appear with patterned perfection. Shock waves create triangular patterns (which is what the images show)The mountains did not erode into these shapes they say – they were built into these shapes, like sand dunes in the wind ….

    … Later, they call them 'shock diamonds' which may allow an alternative explanation. None of this is implausible, he says, as tornadoes produce winds of 300mph (half the speed of sound). Ionisation and electricity are clearly present in the atmosphere and tornadoes in electrical storms can cause the electrical field to grow rapidly. We don't see evidence of super sonic winds on earth but we have seen evidence on other planets such as Jupiter and Saturn. The atmosphere of Venus is a constant electrical storm with extraordinary bouts of lightning. Could it have happened on earth? He adds, there is no evidence of Plate Tectonics on any of the other planets – and there is little evidence of it on earth. What we have is a series of assumptions – and a nice reassuring uniformitarian model.

However, when we go to https://etherealmatters.org/book/introduction-eu-geology/ we find some information on how they think all this came about – just a few thousand years ago we are assured. A solar system in upheaval, a different sun, and an errant planet that came too close to the earth. Utter chaos. All witnessed and recorded by humans. This is the point where most people switch off.

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