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Canaanite Tomb

16 March 2018

At https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2018/03/megiddo-armageddon-dna-royal… … an undisturbed tomb near a Bronze Age palace has been unearthed at Megiddo. The city dominated a strategic pass on a major trade route from 3000BC to the 20th century AD. It overlooks the Jezreel Valley and various military clashes have occurred in the vicinity – not least that of Thutmose III. Megiddo is currently being excavated by Finkelstein and Mario Martin (with Matthew Adams from the US). Palaces, temples, walls etc from both the Bronze and Iron ages have been uncovered. The tomb belongs to the MB age – prior to Thutmose III (and could well have been destroyed by earthquake). Archaeologists are wondering if the tomb belonged to a Hurrian overlord.

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