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cooling weather

22 March 2018
Climate change

At http://notrickszone.com/2018/03/19/since-2008-0-24c-of-extra-warming-has… … this should cause consternation but sadly won't. Since 2008 some 0.24 degrees C of 'extra' warming has been added to NASA GISS 1910-20000 global temperature graph. It is all part of the progarmme of cooling the past to make it appear the present is warming. At some point or other it will reach crunch time – but that is for the future. Somebody else's problem. The whole point of the adjustments is to alter the shape of the overall warming trend – a steady uphill climb rather than one of ups and downs. In May of 2008 the 1910 temperature anomaly and the 2000 temperature anomaly was 0.45 degrees. As of March 2018 GISS has adjusted this to 0.69 degree (a 53 per cent increase and a 0.24 degrees jump). In addition. the 0.5 degree increase between 1880 and 1950 has been erased – which is contrary to all climate records including everything written in HH Lamb's various tomes on the subject. It was just too embarrassing to have temperatures in the 1930s as high, if not higher, than they were in the 1990s. When the crooked media telling you this is the warmest year ever you now know why that is so – they have cooled the past in order to make it artificially warm in the present. If temperatures were really increasing, as they shout and scream, there would be no reason to doctor the data. So much money is swirling around these people are now blatant in the methods they use to fabricate ongoing warming. This is criminal behaviour in order to deceive Joe Public.

Similarly, we have had CAGW alarmists hollering that the origin of the cold weather in Europe this year is due to sea ice melting in the Arctic Ocean. This is patently untrue as any casual look at the sea ice data will show the Arctic is enveloped in a lot of ice. Now we have a piece of research that causes even more angst. At https://phys.org/print440843158.html … the idea that a lack of sea ice might cause a cooling trend in Eurasia is disputed and said to be erroneous. Clutching at straws it seems. We have had an obvious cool winter this year but CAGW deep pockets don't want to stop the cash jingling or weighing them down and hastily made the claim the Arctic was warming. Even if it was and sea ice had disappeared it would still not cause the cold weather – or the Beast form the East.

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