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Year 14 Tiglath Pileser

27 March 2018
Ancient history

We don't usually have much to post on ancient history but Eric sent in an email to say the Velikovsky Discussion Group has posted a claim that Assyrian history, based around year 14 of Tiglath Pileser III, has been aligned with the discredited chronology of Floyd Nolan Jones and Ussher. Their system uses periods of inter regna with no known kings (blank years in other words) to reach their specific aim of compatability with Biblical chronology of the Monarchy. Eric notes that Edwin Thiele and most who write on either late Biblical or late Assyrian history use a correlated approach but do accept, with little demur, that both orthodox histories are correct. Both systems appear self supporting but this is an illusion when faced with accurate Biblical cross linkages and limmu data that does not match Assyrian annals.

However, one might also add that Larsson and Stenring showed there was a 12 year gap between the chronology of Assyria and the reign dates of the Monarchy period. This is an interesting area of research and the final word has not been said.

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